Sunday, 20 May 2018

Canterbury of our Grandfathers and 1927 and 1948 or possibly great grandfathers grandfather

I was off painting and bookbuying in Canterbury, some people would call it a day off and others work, whatever it was I have a pile of books to show for it and over the next few days the photos of them will appear like the ones that were priced and put away yesterday on the bookshop blog. Here is the link to yesterdays

In the sense of coals and Newcastle, one of the books I bought today was about Canterbury and once I have enjoyed it, learnt a bit more about Canterbury I will probably sell it in my bookshop to one of my customers from Canterbury.

I would do a reprint of it but think part of it is still in copyright, it is a bit difficult to tell what’s what as the edition I have is the 1948 revision of the 1927 edition with a lot of the book focused on around 1850, gramps.

Anyway here are some pictures of pages from the book

I did a bit more to two of the watercolours that I am painting from Chocolate Café, although it may be a bit of a case of spot the difference.

I have a fairly long association with Canterbury having worked there in about 1970 and for a long time it has been my closest shopping town, although recently the town main shops I used, Chromos the artist’s materials shop and the St Margaret’s St Waterstones – sometime the largest bookshop in east Kent, have both closed.  

Saturday, 19 May 2018

What about the other side of Ramsgate's fully licenced roof garden and stuff

I think from the lighting diorama thingys on the harbour arm this dates fro around the Festival of Britain so early 1950s. I do think Wetherspoons may be missing a trick here.

 this one has a postmark for 1922 so the photo must date from before then

Not sure that there is much to say blog wise at the moment, none of the main local stuff is
going very quickly at the moment. Pleasurama isn't going anywhere although there have
been some assurances of a start later in the year. Manston, well the DCO certainly changed
the administration from UKIP to Conservative at TDC, whether that was the intention
all along is anybody's guess.

I am all set up for blogging this summer which is really about mobile technology something
I have made managed to get rightish for now.

The two main toys seem to perform adequately, the main problem I have with the
Nikon P90 camera being sloping horizons. The main problem with the Oukitel K 3 phone
is that it isn’t very good at recognising my fingerprint and the camera is a bit average.
But frankly as the whole kit, new price of phone and secondhand price of camera woul
d be under £200 I am convinced that I couldn’t have done much better.

Here is the link to today’s camera photos I have
the camera set on a fairly small file size of 1 Megapixel which suites internet publishing of
moderate zoom pictures, stuff like boats on the sea. Here is the link to a few phone pictures
from the last few days

The point for me is I can do an entire blog like this from my phone while out and about.

In fact this post was done using both the laptop and the phone, the duel keyboard
facility on the phone, bluetooth and virtual with auto correct and voice recognition
on being my preferred input option.

unusual issue with copy and paste of text from Google Drive to Google blogger
which I will need to sort out for phone posting

Friday, 18 May 2018

Alan Cox Exhibition at Nice Things, Harbour Street Ramsgate

Alan Cox Exhibition runs 16th to 29th May

Also a few pictures of nice things in Nice things and Nice things. Also the recent spread of cultivation in Harbour Street

Thursday, 17 May 2018

Ramsgate Margate main sands old photos and the Blue Flags and the bathing water quality testing

Living and trading in Ramsgate I am conscious that there is a disparity between the way the district and county councils treat Ramsgate and Margate and that somehow Ramsgate didn’t get a blue flag this year.

As I have observed before, the councils KCC with Turner and TDC with Dreamland that they really can’t let Margate fail.

You know it’s a funny old thing but I thought that it was the water quality in Margate that had serious problems in 2017, but then if there is a sewage spill and the council report it properly then it doesn’t count against the quality.

Essentially if you take the blue flag down and put the brown on up, well we have been here before, of course I am sure that I must of got this all wrong and someone will put me right

Close up of a bathing machine at Margate

These two pictures of Ramsgate which should expand well if you click on them were both taken before 1860

Ramsgate Main Sands water quality

Margate Main Sands water quality

Margate                                                                                Ramsgate

busy day buying books in Canterbury and Herne Bay today so no that much to say, here is the link to the pictures of the latest arrivals in the bookshop

Oh and here is the link to the pictures on my camera card for today New pylons, rats etc

Tuesday, 15 May 2018

Photos Ramsgate and Broadstairs old and new

 Interesting to compare the Harbour Parade buildings in these two photos
 and having the 1907 postmark on this one - giving the taken before date

First the links to more of todays photos. Ramsgate camera photos and Broadstairs camera photos and Broadstairs phone photos

I am getting over the business of changing phones, the K3 is the second Oukitel phone I have had and as far as I know the only cheap, under £150 new, phones that do the things I need for the blogging that I do.
I think this is because this is a cheap phone that emulates a top end phone, the main things it does/has that I need that the other cheap phones don’t do are.

Big battery that doesn’t go flat when I am out and about.

The ability to charge other devices that use a usb port to charge them, cameras, keyboard, other people’s phones, tablet etc.

The ability to send data in to the phone by usb, most particularly you plug a sd card or usb memory stick into it and copy the data from it. The main advantage for me is that I can copy pictures from my camera’s sd card to the phone and publish them to the internet using my phone.

It charges fairly quickly which is useful too.

I am still getting used to the cameras on the phone hence lots of pictures from it including the post earlier today

On the whole I am getting to the point with the Oukitel K3 phone, the Nikon P90 camera, folding Bluetooth keyboard, etc where I am able to operate out and about without having lots of expensive kit to worry about.

Essentially if I lose some of it, have no major worries.

Boys and their toys, a test post relating to camera settings in my new phone

Ramsgate Lunchtime