Wednesday, 7 December 2016

Reflections of a Ramsgate Bookseller

I have been window-dressing today, it is at such times that I would wish that instead of being a shop assistant in a bookshop I had the outfitter’s advantage of having mannequins to play with.

 Shops are not what they were here in Ramsgate, and being an aging shop assistant means that both the customers and other shop assistants here seem to be getting younger.
 Another issue with bookshops is that part of my job is reading books, I for instance at the moment am reading Noddy Goes to Toyland.
 I suppose if I had a Plumbers and Decorators shop I would have to go out and inspect people's drains instead of going out and inspecting people's books.
 We have come a long way since globes, mantels and shops that charge your batteries, I have been putting LED lighting in the shop window as part of the dressing process.
 I think Captain Peacock may have been an athletic outfitter
 Perhaps a drugstore - then I could be a truck driving man
 or a mad milliner, 'fraid to say I found Alice in Wonderland very difficult to follow.
 Not sure I fancy driving a grocers tricycle, but then I am not a brownie like Big Ears
 Confectionary sounds a bit sticky
 I don't think there would be much call for a cutler today, this one has obviously diversified as far back as 1903
 This looks like a window display by WC Lavatory the famous inventor of the convenience
 I wonder about a furnishing ironmonger
 Perhaps like my namesake I should diversify into multiple branches here in Thanet
 I gather corsets are coming back in

 Trunk makers do look a bit serious
 anyone like to have a go at saying where in Ramsgate all these shops used to be?
 I suppose upholstery would be mostly stuffing
 there seems to be a small child trapped in this window display
 Sorry about this too many orange penguins today

Monday, 5 December 2016

Some Old Ramsgate Pictures + one of Draper’s Mills in Margate and a ramble, mostly painting in Canterbury

Saturday for me was pure self indulgence, so first I went to Canterbury Cathedral, I have to admit that I find advent one of the hardest of the Christian festivals to get my head around. 
The whole concept of a pregnant teenager wandering around a country showing proof of her virginity to various religious types being a long way from anything I can imagine.

The craft of the medieval masons is much more my type of wosisname and I spent some time sitting in the nave paintin the ceilin.

On to Chocolate café and paintin windows    
The devil is in the detail

 Really to Maude from Ada

Work today, in my bookshop, here’s the link

Friday, 2 December 2016

Supper at Enoteca and the Ramsgate Christmas marina boat owners lights have started to turn on.

A couple of my favourite Ramsgate experiences supper at Enoteca and the Ramsgate Christmas marina boat owners Christmas lights, I promise to go down to the harbour with a proper camera which is better in low light than a mobile phone camera due to the size of the lens letting more light in.

Here are the books that went out on the shelves in my bookshop today, bibliophiles should click on the link

Thursday, 1 December 2016

The three graces, grace Margate’s Turner Contemporary, disgraceful crafts in Ramsgate and some pictures of Ramsgate Margate and Broadstairs.

Went to Margate today to look at the new art exhibit “The Three Graces” it was bigger than I expected, despite getting right in the corner with my mobile phone I couldn’t fit it all in, the stuff I took with my mobile phone today, like all the stuff I take with it gets automatically stored online. I’m pretty sure that you wouldn’t want to see the rather boring stuff I took with my mobile today but as it does show the difficulty I had – fitting it in, as it were, here’s the link  

Knowing something about art I was expecting something more like this representing youf, larfs and wosisname

Or even something a bit more armless, but at least something small enough to get a picture of with mi phone.

Like quite a lot of men of a certain age I have a shed where I go off to play with myself which means I get called upon to odd jobs, and cutting corners – today I found that when installing a lock, if the door jam gets in the way of the router you can lever it up a bit take one handle off the router, slip it under the jam, screw the handle back on and get routing away. Useful info for the aspiring shed man.

Good sunset in Margate this afternoon, tried various photos of it with phone, this is the best I could do.

Here are the old Thanet Photos.